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About the project

The JustRES project is characterized by a joint approach to data collection and analysis, and the joint use of acquired knowledge. The project is a collaboration between the Province of Overijssel, Pure Energie, Natuur & Milieu Overijssel, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen University & Research. In this collaboration we make use of each other's knowledge, network and organizational capacity to investigate a just energy transition. We shape this collaboration through student assignments and deliberative sessions, for example.

We roughly distinguish three phases in this project:



In phase 1:

The first phase is all about discovery: we regularly meet (digitally) to design the project. Here we start with making an interactive map that should clarify (in)justices about renewable energy and other uses of space. The map will be used in deliberative sessions with residents of Overijssel, and will be made publicly available. The result of this phase is a first framework to analyze socio-spatial justice.


In phase 2:

Phase 2 is characterized by development: we further elaborate the framework on social-spatial justice. We test this framework in (existing) energy initiatives in Overijssel, through interviews and observations. This will lead to a better scientific understanding of socio-spatial justice in energy, and to make knowledge more applicable to the practice of Overijssel. We present preliminary results on this website and in a small conference.


In phase 3:

Phase 3 is about experimentation. Based on the knowledge gained in the previous phases, we design governance arrangements that contribute to socio-spatial justice in regional energy strategies. We share knowledge about this as much as possible: via this website, via the consortium partners and with a video tutorial.

Image by Jukan Tateisi





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